Who Are We?

nCourage Kids is more than just another pre-Kindergarten childcare center. We give parents the convenience and peace of mind with a place to leave your baby or child during your busy working hours. As full-time Christian childcare specialists, we care for babies and children, delivering the love, care, and attention you naturally give your child. We’ll give your child everything he or she needs throughout the day, so you can pick them up later knowing they’ve spent their sunlight hours in the best possible hands.

As a premium Christian preschool, we help parents strengthen their kid’s faith from early on, preserving the innocence of God’s Children’s while effortlessly meeting their needs - physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional. We are proud to deliver the best care for Christian children, nurturing future 21st-century leaders in a positive, nurturing, forgiving, and encouraging environment. We are passionate about raising incredible human beings who love God and His beautiful world, ever-enthusiastic to learn and see more every day.